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  1. Atkinson finishes fourth at rally of japanese road race
  3. 2014 MotoGP World Championship runner-up Chris Amon (Team BMRM) will ride his final race of the season to celebrate his fifth victory of the season in Monza next weekend.
  5. The 33-year-old has already qualified for the Italian Grand Prix in three rounds, while also defending his World Championship crown. The two top-10 finishes on the grid will earn him a spot at Italy's GP27.
  7. Speaking in an exclusive interview with Movistar News, Amon confirmed he will be one of the main stars at Monza next week.
  9. The Welshman says he is now looking to extend his World Championship lead with the second-placed Max Verstappen to finish third.
  11. But it is Amon's third top-10 appearance at Monza that he is celebrating today.
  13. "That's going to be crazy," Amon revealed.
  15. "Movistar will start a new track, Monza will be packed with riders.
  17. "It's going to be very important to be there. With the track we have this year we don't really have a chance to get past the front.
  19. "When we entered the field there were no favourites, but this year it's going to be a very different story. Hopefully we come up with a great race that leaves everyone hungry for the next round."
  21. Movistar's new signing, who was recently signed by team Honda to a one-year contract, says the Monza start will be the highlight of his MotoGP career to date.
  23. "It will be fun for sure, the people of Monza are always going to love this race and all the fans who are coming.
  25. "I am looking forward to it!
  27. "It's a beautiful track and has some nice characteristics to it as well. I know that if I have a good race the fans will be up for the action, which will definitely be very exciting.
  29. "I am confident that once we get past the halfway mark, and if the race is quick enough to have a better result it might actually be all my doing, because I already finished second in my first MotoGP start."
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  36. Police seek assistance in vampire murder in Texas
  38. An elderly couple was killed and the body parts of their son found at a crime scene in Texas, authorities said Saturday.
  40. A 20-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman were found dead in an apartment near the city of Guadalupe. The bodies were found with "significant wounds" to their upper bodies, police said.
  42. The man, who is unidentified and was homeless, was a police officer with the Houston Police Department, Houston police Sgt. Sean Edwards said.
  44. The man's mother, grandmother and two uncles were among the dead, authorities said. The uncles were identified as Ronald and Margaret Gaulden.
  46. Edwards said the two officers were last seen Saturday morning at a church in Houston. The officers had gone to a nearby hospital after a doctor's appointment when they vanished, Edwards said.
  48. A woman was identified as one of the victims as Edwards said, but she had been out of the country and police said a man was being questioned about his whereabouts.
  50. Two men and a woman were taken into police custody, Edwards said.
  52. Edwards said an autopsy on the woman, who police identified as the mother of the two killed officers, will begin immediately. He did not give further details.
  54. The Houston Police Department is investigating.
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