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  1. Bernardo Bellotto (Venice, Venetian Republic c.1721-1780 Warsaw, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth) The Wilanów Palace near Warsaw, seen from the North-East side - Oil on Canvas 1777 (restored)-min
  3. Edward Armitage (London 1817-1896 Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England) Pygmalion's Galatea - oil on canvas 1873 (restored)-min
  5. Christian Krohg (Christiania, Sweden-Norway 1852-1925 Oslo, Kingdom of Norway) Leiv Eiriksson (Icelandic Commonwealth c.973-c.1020 Greenland) discovering America - Olje på lerret 1893 (restored)-min
  7. Edwin Austin Abbey (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 1852-1911 London) Richard, Duke of Gloucester, and the Lady Anne - Oil on canvas 1896 (restored)-min
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