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Quick guide to own & send Mone

This is a quick overview of some features

  1. This is just a quick guide to avoid any confrontation or loss of your funds or your files
  2. due to unclear circumstances or lack of knowledge.
  3. Step 1. Open and buy any amount of bitcoins(BTC) from $1 to infinity
  4. step 2. Download Exodus wallet from
  5. step 3. from wallet send your bitcoins to your exodus bitcoins address.
  6. step 4. since exodus wallet has inbuilt exchange ,change your BTCs to Monero(XMR). this will
  7.         reflect in your XMR wallet of exodus.
  8. step 5. under Monero wallet click send and fill our Xmr address either from text or QR code and click send .The whole process takes about 20-30mins
  9. *if something ain't clear ask here or email provided.
  10. Congrats! for your cooperation we'll respond within 24 hrs.
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