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RT Podcast

This is a quick overview of some features

  1. ##489
  2.   6:57 Argument, confusion about the commonality of videos of people sending food to space (Tom Scott sent bread to the edge of space, Gus says it's a common thing and the others don't know what he's talking about, send food to space) (continues briefly at 45:06)
  3.   (between) argument about a guy that claimed he made the garlic bread (but didn't actually make the bread or the garlic seasoning, only combined them together)
  4.   10:42 Gavin: can bread freeze? (does bread freeze? can you freeze bread?)
  5.   27:02 Gavin's hair is colored (Gavin has spray in his hair)
  6.   32:20 Gus' old photo on the backside of an RvB poster (Gus' little league picture on the back, baseball outfit, baseball uniform)
  7.   35:07 Gavin's idea about flying- when a plane crashes the overhead compartments l
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